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COVID 19 Risk Assessment

The following should be completed in full, in your own words. 

Hazard 1
Hazard 2
Hazard 3
Hazard 4
Hazard 5
Other Hazards Specific To Your Activities
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RiskWhat should be done

Continuous cleaning and sanitizing is an absolute must in combating Corona Virus. Over and above your continued cleaning practices it is a requirement that you keep a record of your cleaning activities.

Cleaning Schedule can be downloaded from here

Print out this schedule and bring to the event so you can record on a regular basis.

Make sure to use a double acting sanitizing agent suitable for controlling both bacteria and viruses

Personal protective equipment (PPE) assessment

In many instances, you will be able to reduce risks further by asking staff/others to wear/use PPE. You should identify which items are required for the task here:

Type of PPE required
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