These are the instructions to help you understand and use this Accreditation App.

The name and information of each staff member is prepopulated via the registration page. It is not possible to add a staff member through this App.

To find a member of staff in the system first click on the search icon then scan the barcode on the staff members phone. This will bring up their entry. If you forget to click the search icon first then nothing will happen.

The barcode is automatically created when they fill out the registration form and is sent to them by email.

*Please note if they have not pre-submitted their application there will be a delay between submitting and being visible, this can be up to 15 minutes at times and will be further delayed if their phone internet connection is poor.*

Once you have located the staff members details click on the entry and proceed to fill out the details – Wristband Number – Onsite Vehicle (if there is one) etc.

It is important that you double check the information you are entering, please use the full wristband number and do not shorten it in anyway. If there are letters before the number then please enter those too. And ALWAYS use 3 digits in the number ie. 1 becomes 001 etc.

Don’t forget to check the ID for each staff member, to aid in this we have also asked for a selfie photo to be uploaded when they register.

A guide to the icons which may be visible on the staff members entry.

If the Name has gone Orange and an = sign is present then the number of registration for that stall is equal to the number of staff allowed

If the name has gone red and a + sign is present then there are more staff registered than there are staff allowed, it’s a good idea to speak to the stall owner when this happens. They may be unaware that there are too many registrations or it may be that someone has entered their selves under the wrong stall.

The stall owner can be contacted by clicking on the Stall Owner Contacts tab, locating the stall concerned and using the communication icons to establish contact. Remember only email will work on laptop. To use either call or text you will need to open the App on a phone.

You can issue wristbands up to the stall allocation but once the number of wristbands issued has met the number of staff allowed then the Wristband Number field will no longer be visible and it will not be possible to issue further wristbands. – CONTACT ACCREDITATION MANAGER – usually Andy

If the name is purple and there is a delivery van icon then the staff member is not staying on site and does not require a wristband.

When this happens the field for wristband number will not be visible. If this is an error -CONTACT ACCREDITATION MANAGER who can edit the entry.

If the name is red and a no entry sign is present then the staff member is not allowed entry

When this happens the wristband and vehicle fields are not visible and it is not possible to issue a wristband or vehicle pass. – CONTACT ACCREDITATION MANAGER

Should you have any suggestions to make this App more user friendly please call, text or email your suggestions.